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Futsal in the Alberta Winter Games

By: Calla Novello-Lauritsen

August, 15 / 2019

What is Futsal? Futsal is a variant of soccer, played indoors between two teams of five players, on basket-ball sized courts, and without sidewalls. Futsal traces back to Uruguay in 1930 when Juan Carlos Ceriani created this version of soccer for youth to play in YMCAs. The sport gained momentum throughout South America, particularly in Brazil, and is now played world-wide under FIFA. Also commonly referred to as minisoccer, Futsal was integrated in the United States in 1983.


Since the sport has gained international momentum, Futsal has been included in the Airdrie 2020 Alberta Winter Games after a realization of a missed opportunity for an indoor soccer event. Along with Futsal, the Games also include other traditional “summer” sports, such as artistic gymnastics, artistic swimming, archery, fencing, judo, volleyball, and wrestling. Futsal will make a great addition to the Games in February and will allow participants across the province to compete in this energetic sport. This makes Alberta the first province in Canada to introduce Futsal in the Winter Games!


Steve Thomas from Airdrie Futsal had this to say:

“I’m very excited to see some of the best talent in Alberta playing Futsal. It’s a version of soccer that has a major focus on 1v1 skills. With a heavier ball, it sets players up to have the opportunity to use skills they may not normally use in the outdoor or indoor boarded game.

Futsal has really taught the players at our club to look after the ball, move quickly off the ball and experiment with their 1v1 skills. With only 4 outfield players on the field, it gives players lots of opportunities to take people on and express themselves.

For me this is a great addition to the Winter Games, and I can’t wait to see some of the talent on show.”

Are you curious? Register for Airdrie Futsal today and take part in this wonderful sport yourself!