Alberta Games

Pillars of the games


The Games Society will expand their mandate to become the “Airdrie Sport and Major Event Tourism” effective March 1, 2020. As a Sports Society, Airdrie can continue to be a vibrant and welcome host to many future events.


We will be planting 500 seedlings to offset our carbon-footprint and dedicate a ‘future growth’ area for the youth of Airdrie. Funds from trees sales will be used for sustainable initiatives and upgrading during the 2020 Games.


This sport tourism focused website, highlights local businesses, cultural events, attractions and accommodations, including a centralized event calendar that will be used to highlight the sport community and attract visitor experiences to Airdrie.


Working with community partners, we look to grow and mentor a database of volunteers, from age 11 and up, who will have the skills, aptitude and confidence to step forward on future volunteering opportunities. These will be known as our local Host Champions.

We are #FocusedOnTheFuture

Key Stats


2,024 Athletes are involved in the Alberta Games.


550 Coaches are needed to coach all of the athletes.


330 Officials are part of the Alberta Games keeping order


20 sports taking place over 4 epics days of the Alberta Games

Tickets to Alberta Games

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How you can become part of the legacy


These games would not be possible without the individuals, groups and businesses that donate their time, money, and services to champion youth in sport.

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